Message from Frank

ONLY A FEW GENERATIONS are presented with the kinds of challenges we face today. A crisis of confidence confronts us – in our economy, in our health care system, and too often in our schools. Jobs are disappearing under the burden of oppressive taxes and wasteful spending, and our families are suffering the consequences.

It does not have to be like this. A country so abundant in talent, energy, and a wealth of resources deserves better than policies that diminish opportunity. The burden on hardworking families and on entire communities will not be lifted by increasing that burden, and certainly not by mortgaging the next generation’s future.

The same principle applies as well beyond our shores. We need eternal vigilance to effectively combat terrorism and protect American interests abroad. This includes standing up to America’s enemies and standing by its allies, with the confidence that has long marked the greatest defender of liberty the world has ever seen.

We can do better than the kind of leadership that exploits what Franklin Roosevelt called “fear itself” at the expense of our ability to shape a better future – for ourselves, for our families, and for our community. We need a new direction that recognizes that the goals of strengthening our community and preserving our liberty are one and the same.

I hope you will consider supporting our campaign to represent New York’s Fourth District in Congress. Thank you for visiting this website, and please come back for more as Election 2014 approaches.


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