Core Principles

America’s leaders should not ask you to believe in them unless they believe in you.

Learning about our Nation’s history has been a passion of mine from a young age.  So I am undertaking this run for Congress with a deep appreciation of the principles of freedom and human dignity that have made this Country the greatest in the history of the world.  These principles drove the struggles for independence from Britain during the Revolution, for Union and emancipation during the Civil War, and for victory over totalitarianism throughout the 20th Century.  What has been handed down to us was secured by great sacrifice.  We need to answer the call to serve in whatever capacity we can to preserve this legacy. 

America will remain an example to the world for the same reason it always has: the energy, talent, innovation, hard work, and faith of its people.  Government should aim to advance these qualities, not stifle them with a heavy hand. Freedom is forever tied to a belief that the best our Country has to offer lies in each and every one of us.

I enter this race having worked in both the private and public sector, having fought battles both outside and inside Congress, and having written and taught about Congress.  I have devoted much of my career as an attorney, writer, and teacher to the Constitution, the national blueprint all legislators swear to uphold in their first official act.  That document will remain foremost in my mind in every decision I make, as will our tradition of protecting civil rights.  Education itself is among the most important duties of government, and children should be exposed to a well rounded curriculum that will best enable them to find the most rewarding vocation in life. 

As one who has confronted government neglect while working on the front lines, I feel we need to change the way government does business and demand accountability.  As a preservationist, I feel we owe it to the next generation to be faithful stewards of the natural and cultural resources bequeathed to us.  As the beneficiary of a nurturing and supportive family, I recognize that intact families instill values in children and have proven the most effective protection from want.  Government should respect the autonomy of family and faith.  I am pro-life and believe government should recognize every person’s innate dignity at every stage of life.

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  • commented 2014-06-11 23:14:05 -0400
    Your true respect for this country’s founding principles, which have enabled this country to be a unheard of beacon of freedom and opportunity to all the world, and for the innumerable struggles and sacrifices of the people in the Revolution and for the struggles and sacrifices of Americans through the last 200+ years and to this day, also, will serve you well in your endeavors to serve your country and fellow Americans. America must be preserved for future generations.
  • commented 2014-01-15 13:21:45 -0500
    I like your style sir.